Sunday, March 8, 2015

Back to Running!

Today I finally got back out there.  I redid week 1 day 3 of C25K and the really hard part was dodging all the snow/ice piles and mud puddles.  I actually was surprised that it wasn't harder to get back into it since I haven't run in a couple weeks.  I need to set up a workout plan and actually stick to it so I don't have to do this back and forth on the training plan.  I would really like to commit to doing Curves on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then C25K on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  I wrote it in my planner so hopefully I will keep up with it.  I know all the experts say to make an appointment with yourself to do these things but gosh, is that a hard thing to follow through on.

On the food front things are going great!  I'm trying new recipes and the majority of them are coming out well.  We've even found a few that we are going to add into our regular rotation.  It makes it so much easier for meal planning when I have a good amount of regular dishes.  I hate making the same things week in and week out so this way I can work up to several weeks where I don't have to repeat anything.  I really need to start posting my menu plans here.  I'll put that in my planner! lol

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