Monday, February 27, 2017

Could My Mindset Be Changing

I read an amazing blog post by Roni Noone and it really reinforced something that has been flitting into my head off and on over the last few years.  Specifically should I really be so focused on what the scale says?  I'm still unpacking what that means for me but in the meantime here is the post I'm referring to:

I'll keep thinking on this issue and will probably post more on my thoughts.  However, I really need to get back to the gym!!

Monday, January 2, 2017


Well...the hubby and I have realized it's time to get back on the wagon after all the festivities of the holidays - which we indulged in fully!!  As a part of that we are going to juice fast again so this week is the veggie ease in week.  We actually really like the recipes from Joe Cross' plan so it's really not too much of a sacrifice.  I went grocery shopping today and I have to admit it was sort of nice to stay in the produce section to get everything we needed.  We will do the ease in this week, juice for 10 days (maybe longer depending on how we feel) and then do the ease in again for a week before adding back in some SmartPoints recipes.  I really feel like we need to jumpstart ourselves and we feel so much better when we are juicing.  It's just that darn urge to chew something that kicks in!!

I also joined three DietBet Kickstarters.  I figure as long as I was juicing I might as well give myself some extra motivation.  I've never done three at a time but DietBet makes it really easy to do so I went ahead and invested in myself.  Hubby said that the winnings would make for some good clothing money.  He's so right since we have a really fun vacation coming up this spring and my goal is to be down a couple sizes before we leave so I'm sure I'll need some new capris.  My skirts are mostly all elastic waist so those should be fine but pants just aren't quite so adaptable.  If you are interested in joining any of the DietBets with me here are links to each one:

Get Lean in 2017 With Heidi and Chris Powell:

Happy New "Rear" With Jamie Eason:

Time To Get Lean in 2017 with GraciesJourney:

I picked the first two because they have huge pots of money and I picked the last one because I love Gracie and she is so incredibly motivating.  I would recommend you check her out on Youtube and Instagram.  She has lost over 100# through diet and exercise and she takes you along to show you how she does it.

I also saw this really cool meme on FB to help you drink your water so I picked up a gallon of water at the store and I'm going to mark it like this one I found at:  Although I think I better have it end before 9pm or I'll be up in the middle of the night.  Gotta love 50 year old bladders!!!

I'm still going to Planet Fitness and really liking it.  I'm following the pyramid training schedule that the trainer there worked up for me and I'm also increasing my time on the elliptical each week by one minute.  I'm up to 12 minutes now and will increase it tomorrow to 13.  I'm finding that I really prefer the elliptical to the treadmill and don't find my plantar fasciitis giving me problems on it.  I had hubby and the son move the treadmill out to the garage so we would have more room in the family room since I really don't think I'll be using it.  I'm continually doing StepBets but have been able to get in my steps without using the treadmill.  It really opened up the room by moving that out and if worse came to worse I could always go out in the garage to use it but I really don't think that's going to happen.

What is everyone else doing to make sure that 2017 is their healthiest yet?!?

Monday, November 28, 2016

My Why

I'm still continuing to follow WW but I'm not losing much.  However, that could be due to the fact that we are still going through our renovation so I'm not eating as well as I could.  We also had Thanksgiving (from Sprouts) and a couple really nice dinners out.  Over the last two weeks I'm only down .2 but I guess it's better than being up.  I also didn't make it to PF last week at all but I'm rectifying that today!  I'm hoping to meet with the personal trainer today to get a good plan in place.  I'm sure he's going to ask me what my goals are and that got me thinking.  I've heard so many times you have to have your "why" before you can even think about setting goals.'s my why:

1.  Feel and look better in my clothes
2.  Keep up with my husband when we go hiking
3.  Ride my bike without it being so hard
4.  Have more energy
5.  Feel stronger
6.  Live a longer and more active life
7.  Not be limited by my physical abilities

In order to fulfill my "why" I need to lose weight and build up my endurance, stamina, and strength.  This means I need to follow a healthy eating lifestyle and exercise on a regular basis.  I've been getting my steps in but I haven't really been exerting a lot effort in doing that.  I need to push myself in order to improve.  I need to apply some dedication to reach these goals.  Also...having my kitchen back will make it easier as well - they are supposed to finish up either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I'm missing my morning green smoothie and I really want to add in more fish and vegetables.

Found this on Instagram the other day and this is the mindset I want!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Couple Weeks In

Well...I'm doing pretty well with WW all things considered.  It took me about a week to figure stuff out what with the kitchen being out of commission.  I actually gained about 3# that first week but I've taken that off along with 1.3# more.  I'm down to 214.3 now so I'm pretty happy about that.  I'm figuring out some low point meals and snacks so that's helping quite a bit.  I really need to be careful about the sodium and I need to drink my water!!!  I'm shocked that the WW app doesn't give you a place to track your water.  Ideally I'd like to drink at least 100 oz a day.  I'd like to get myself a container that holds that much and I can use that to refill the water bottle I keep on my desk.  I think seeing the water visually will keep me on track.

I also joined Planet Fitness last week and I've worked out a couple times now.  I really want to meet with their personal trainer so I can get a good plan to follow and learn how to use some of the equipment that is foreign to me.  I also need to figure out a workout schedule.  I'd love for my husband to come along with me but that's really not his thing.  I hate being away from him but I really think I need to do some weight training to firm everything up as I lose the weight.  I've also been enjoying the red light therapy and the hydromassage.  I'm glad I went ahead and got the higher level membership so I can use the spa area of the club.

Another thing I need to work out is setting up a reward for myself when I finally make it to One-derland!!  I'm thinking a nice piece of jewelry since that is something I will be able to enjoy even when I get down to goal.  I've also wanted a nice pair of boots so maybe that might be a good reward.  While I would love to have a nice leather blazer/jacket I really don't want to invest in a piece like that and then not be able to wear it for the long term.  I am really motivated to get this weight off and get to a healthy place so that is the sort of thing that is in my head.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bit the Weight Watchers Bullet

Well...I finally just went ahead and shelled out the money to join Weight Watchers officially.  I really want to get this weight off and see if I have less problems with my joints and if this plantar issue I have going on will clear up.  I signed up for the Online Plus program since I really don't want to add another evening away into my schedule.  I poked around the website and watched some of their videos but haven't really explored much further than that.  I was an online member years ago when they had the option to add the online option to your regular meeting membership.  One big thing I notice since that time is that the discussion boards are gone and have been replaced with their Connect part of the app.  I'm sort of missing the discussion board but I'll give it a few more days of trying to figure things out with the app before I put forth a final opinion.  I can always become more active on the WW boards on 3FatChicks.

I do like the way you log your food and since I have an AppleWatch I am able to link my steps directly with the app to get my FitPoints.  I have also linked my Withings scale so that will feed right in to the app as well.  I'm still exploring the website so I can't say 100% how it stacks up against iTrackBites (which is what I've been using to track my food) but I'm hoping that since it costs considerably more I will find some value for that money.  So far the items I've tracked have come up nearly identical on the WW app but it is much easier to use and search for items.  I also like that I can put information on either my computer or the iPhone app and it will sync to both places.  I did figure out that to get my steps to sync I have to do that on the app.

One thing I wasn't able to find was the weight chart.  I think I know what I want to weigh but I was curious how it lined up with their official chart.  I did a google search and found one on a third party site that stated it was the WW chart.  Looks like my range is 123-160.  My ultimate goal is to get into the 150's so I guess I'm shooting about right. get some easy to grab snacks ready.  Our kitchen reno starts next week so between eating out and not having ready access to proper food I'm going to have to be careful!  I'll have access to the fridge and we are going to pick up a small microwave this weekend so we can heat up things.  I'm going to do some searching over the next few days for foods that will help during this difficult time.  Leave it to me to start something like this during a time like this!!

Friday, October 28, 2016


I can't believe I'm back here again!  I'm back up nearly 18# from my lowest this year.  It seems like as soon as I let down my guard the pounds sneak back up on me. frustrating!  I'm still fighting the plantar facia issue so that's bumming me out.  My husband has been gone for the last week and I struggle with emotional eating from missing him.  Lots of excuses, I know.  I think I might be having a pity party but this is a party I'm not having any fun attending!!

So...what's the plan?  I really don't want to juice fast again.  I lose weight but I seem to put it back on again and have nothing really to show for the suffering.  I need something sustainable for the long haul.  I think maybe I need to get back to counting SmartPoints.  My eating is definitely out of control.  I can't seem to satisfy the hunger and my willpower has completely left the country.

I think I also need to figure out a way to get some good exercise in.  I've been getting my steps every day but I'm thinking it's not enough.  I'd love to start running again but this foot thing is really getting in the way.  I have a sinking suspicion those expensive running shoes I bought have caused this injury and that just makes me sick.  I watched a video last night on some exercises to do for it and also that taking a magnesium supplement could help.  I'll run out this weekend and pick that up to see if I notice a difference.

I also have too much other stuff on my plate.  My husband is feeing neglected and I'm feeling stressed out.  Unfortunately I have several commitments I have to follow through on over the next month but after Thanksgiving things will open back up again.

I'm also having menopause issues.  I called my doctor to talk about possible interventions but I'm really nervous about hormone therapy which is what I think she's going to recommend.  I talked to a friend at church and she's on a patch and says it's the best thing ever.  Her family has even said please don't go off the patch!  Besides the hot flashes (the night sweats part is the worst) I am experiencing mood swings, massive bouts of irritability, and I can't seem to concentrate on anything!  I don't feel like myself and I can't stand it.  My doctor wants me to come in for a consult so I need to make that appointment.

Why can't this stuff be a little easier?  Ok...I think I'll party for about 30 more minutes and then I'll need to grab my coat and be out the door.  I think I've overstayed my welcome.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Losing DietBets and Trying New Things

This morning is a little sad because I've lost another round in my current Dietbet. I'm at 201.1 and I needed to be at 192.8 so it's not something I can hop on the treadmill and meet. This is my second 6 month diet bet and the first one I won every single round. This one I've really been struggling and it's caused me to obsess over the scale. I'm trying to move to a more healthy place with weight loss and just health in general.  Not 100% sure how that will look but I'll work my way through it.

I'm still fighting the foot thing and that has me down a little bit as well. I have been able to get in 30-40 minute walks each evening so I'm glad for that. It seems that my running shoes are really causing me problems but that when I put on my hiking boots I'm able to do more. I think I'm going to contact my doctor when we get back from vacation and see what can be done. I'm still doing the calf stretches on the stairs and the frozen golf ball massages but I can't tell if they are helping. No quick fix for this issue is what I've come to understand - ugh!

On the eating front we are transitioning out of juicing and I'm going to try using Weight Watchers SmartPoints program (on my own because they are wicked expensive). I know that I feel better when I eat a South Beach type of diet but SB is way too free flowing for me and I overdo it on portions. However, my research on the WW SP program looks like they are moving more toward a SB stance on sugars and their resulting carbs. They are still really low on the good fat side of the house but I can always use the extra points I earn for fitness (30 minutes of walking is 5 points) to incorporate more fat. I bought an inexpensive tracker app for my iPhone and I like it so far. It's called iTrackBites and it was $3.99. I haven't purchased any of the extra guides yet but I'm thinking about it. Last night I just went through my kitchen and scanned the barcodes of some of the items in my salad and it worked for all of them except the code on the avocado. It was 4 points for the half an avocado I put on my salad - yikes!! See what I mean about the good fats? I was surprised to see that my juices run about 10-12 points each. The fruit is free on the program but I guess when you juice out the pulp it increases the points value. It sort of makes sense that if you are throwing out all the insoluble fiber your body will use the energy quicker but it's still disheartening. I have a days worth of juice still in the fridge and a days worth of juicing produce on the counter. My original thought was to finish off the juices that are already made and then I will peel all the oranges we have left and freeze them - I love eating frozen orange slices on a hot day. However, when I shared that plan with my hubby he really wanted me to juice what's left and continue with juices for another day or so for breakfast and lunch. He really loves the juices and does really well with them. We will still eat a healthy dinner of solid food. Compromise is the name of the game! :-)

I would love to get to a place where I am eating a healthy diet, exercising by doing things I love, and maintaining a healthy weight. I know I will get there but the journey is really hard!