Sunday, May 24, 2015

Home again, home again!

I'm just back from two weeks of business travel.  Traveling really is a big challenge for me.  I struggle with eating well and getting exercise.  I did fairly well on the eating this trip but did indulge a little more than I normally would.  Can I just say that gelato kept following me around?  It seriously was not my fault but it just kept jumping in my mouth!!  I was up 6# this morning when I weighed in but today I've been drinking lots of water and I'll see what it looks like tomorrow.  I tend to retain water when I fly so I don't think my gain should be too much - even with the evil gelato dogging my every step!

I did pretty good in the activity area as well.  Luckily I was in DC and walking everywhere is a necessity.  I easily got my 10,000 steps in almost everyday.  My hubby went with me on this trip and every evening after work we walked all over the place.  I made a rookie mistake early in the trip and thought we would only be walking a little bit and wore some flip-flops.  Holy blisters Batman!!  Luckily my knight in shining armor picked up some moleskin for me at the drugstore and I was able to get through a few days of owies without too much trouble.  Although...speaking of shoes...those women in DC are beasts!!  I have never seen so many stilettos walking at top speed on city sidewalks as I have there.  I'm no stranger to high heel shoes but I don't think I could navigate the subways, escalators, stairs, cobblestone/paver streets, and miscellaneous metal grates like those women.  They have my respect in spades!!

I didn't do any extra exercise though and I had really planned to use the treadmill in the hotel to get back on my C25K program.  Speaking of C25K...I am soooooo behind on this program!  I'm struggling with several things.  First and foremost was the weather before I went away on travel.  It seems as though it does nothing but rain anymore!  I am a seriously fair weather runner - I don't want to run when it's too cold, I don't want to run when it's too hot, snow?  absolutely not!!! and rain is a definite mood buster as well.  I've either got to push through this wimpyness I have developed or get a treadmill.  I'm just so afraid I will get one and somehow get it shoehorned into my tiny house and it will become an oversized coat rack.  I hate, hate, hate wasting money and I want to make extra sure that this is something I will use.  My second issue is that I am having a lot of toe pain in my running shoes.  I think that maybe my shoes are too small for me.  I've even started lacing them differently to see if that will help.  The new lacing does keep them tied tighter which is a great thing but my toes still end up shoved into the end of the shoe all the time.  I guess it's time to go over to the running store and get real shoes that are fit correctly.  Sounds like a lot of money getting ready to go out the door and that makes me crazy!!

The plan for this week is to get some exercise in and to rid my body of the gluten and sugar that I've been consuming for the last two weeks.  I also need to catch up on things around the house so I don't feel so disjointed.  Time to make a list!!

And...oh, yeah, I had a birthday while we were gone!  Even though I had to work and we weren't home my hubby made my day extra special.  He picked up a piece of cheesecake that he had decorated with some neat glittered icing gel - he's so awesomely creative - waiting for me when I got back to the hotel.  He had also scoured the town and picked up a nice button down shirt and a gorgeous tie so that we could go out for a nice dinner - that was a huge surprise!  Off we went to start our fun birthday evening - first we had drinks at The Willard Hotel and then dinner at the National Press Club.  Both places that have a lot of history and are places that I've really wanted to visit.  The drinks were awesome (I have learned that I don't like mint juleps and it's always good to learn new things) and the dinner was, well, just strange.  Not what I was expecting and not a place that I would visit again.  It wasn't bad, it was just, well, strange.  Unless you are a huge journalism geek I would skip it.  It was sort of hidden away and we were surrounded by people who all had "travel vouchers" so they didn't really have to pay for anything.  Not sure what that was all about and it just added to whole strangeness of the whole meal.  Even when we left our waiter shook our hands - never had that happen before.  Very memorable!!

When we got home I was exhausted and stressed out by the stormy drive we had back from the airport and I was surprised by a bouquet of beautiful flowers sitting on my kitchen table.  That son of mine is a keeper too!!  Next year is one of those scary ones that has a 0 at the end and I have some goals I want to meet by then.  I want to reach my goal weight, I want to run an entire 5K, and I want to finally finish reading Game of Thrones.  I swear that book series is like that pile of never-ending laundry.  I read and read and read and the darn percent read in the bottom corner of my iPad never changes!!  I should have never bought the bundled series for the iPad!!

Well...the hubby is starting dinner - steaks on the grill!  I'm in charge of the veggies so I need to get working on those.  I sure love that guy!!!