Monday, March 7, 2016

First Transformer Complete!!!

Well...I did it!!  I met all the goals on my first DietBet Transformer!!  I made it by the skin of my teeth (.5 to spare) but I made it!!  I officially lost 24.1 pounds in this six month DietBet challenge.  That makes my total loss 44.1 from my highest weight!!  I'm super happy with this!  And I did it even though during this DietBet I had Thanksgiving, Christmas, a 12 day vacation to Disney/Universal, and numerous business trips!  In the past that would have been an open invitation to putting on at least 10 pounds and most likely more.  The key to my success is definitely juicing and the support of my husband.  I never would have been able to stay on the juicing train without him.

I'm going to sign up for another Transformer right away so I don't do any backsliding.  I'm not sure what day that starts but hopefully it will be this week.  I'm also going to have to really get back into working out.  I have no real excuse for not doing it other than lazy butt syndrome (LBS).  LBS has gotten me into more trouble over the years than I care to admit and I need to banish it from my life!!

I started to write here that I wanted to get to my goal weight by the end of the year but I just did the math and that would be setting myself up for failure.  I think instead my goal is going to be to continue with DietBet on a continuous basis and that should put me at goal around October next year.  It sounds so far away but it seems so much more doable than my normal way of setting goals that usually leave me feeling like a failure.

I don't have the grand total on what I won during this DietBet but I'm guessing I will have about $325 in my account.  I spent $125 to join the bet so that's a $200 profit!!!  I'll have to give some thought to what I'm going to do with my winnings to celebrate.  I'm leaning toward some sort of jewelry that I can wear and remember how it felt to meet my goals.