Friday, October 28, 2016


I can't believe I'm back here again!  I'm back up nearly 18# from my lowest this year.  It seems like as soon as I let down my guard the pounds sneak back up on me. frustrating!  I'm still fighting the plantar facia issue so that's bumming me out.  My husband has been gone for the last week and I struggle with emotional eating from missing him.  Lots of excuses, I know.  I think I might be having a pity party but this is a party I'm not having any fun attending!!

So...what's the plan?  I really don't want to juice fast again.  I lose weight but I seem to put it back on again and have nothing really to show for the suffering.  I need something sustainable for the long haul.  I think maybe I need to get back to counting SmartPoints.  My eating is definitely out of control.  I can't seem to satisfy the hunger and my willpower has completely left the country.

I think I also need to figure out a way to get some good exercise in.  I've been getting my steps every day but I'm thinking it's not enough.  I'd love to start running again but this foot thing is really getting in the way.  I have a sinking suspicion those expensive running shoes I bought have caused this injury and that just makes me sick.  I watched a video last night on some exercises to do for it and also that taking a magnesium supplement could help.  I'll run out this weekend and pick that up to see if I notice a difference.

I also have too much other stuff on my plate.  My husband is feeing neglected and I'm feeling stressed out.  Unfortunately I have several commitments I have to follow through on over the next month but after Thanksgiving things will open back up again.

I'm also having menopause issues.  I called my doctor to talk about possible interventions but I'm really nervous about hormone therapy which is what I think she's going to recommend.  I talked to a friend at church and she's on a patch and says it's the best thing ever.  Her family has even said please don't go off the patch!  Besides the hot flashes (the night sweats part is the worst) I am experiencing mood swings, massive bouts of irritability, and I can't seem to concentrate on anything!  I don't feel like myself and I can't stand it.  My doctor wants me to come in for a consult so I need to make that appointment.

Why can't this stuff be a little easier?  Ok...I think I'll party for about 30 more minutes and then I'll need to grab my coat and be out the door.  I think I've overstayed my welcome.