Sunday, February 15, 2015

C25K Week 1 Day 1

DH and I had a really good discussion today about my fears of failure and not meeting goals. He's so wonderful!  He understands me and promises to be there to help. That really means so much!!!

As a start he went with me today to start the couch to 5K program. It was 37 degrees with a pretty good wind and I quickly figured out I need more warmth on my legs. I completed the program but that last run segment was very difficult and in addition to be feeling very tight and sore muscles I was also feeling that horrible tingling you get when the cold is starting to invade. 

We used the gravel track at the middle school and I could really tell the difference when we got back on the asphalt walking home. I don't think I would like running on that surface!  I did have my new Reeboks on and they felt pretty good. I need to fix the lacing but I think they will work well for me. 

When we got home I ordered some Under Armour ColdGear compression leggings and a ColdGear shirt. They should be here later in the week. Hopefully they will help me stay warmer.  I also need some better gloves but I have these freakishly long fingers so I'll go over to the sporting goods store for those so I can try them on. 

My next run should be on Wednesday. I will get over to Curves before then. I think a good plan will be to do C25K 3 days a week and then go to Curves the alternating 3 days and have one day off per week. I really want to stick with this and have some completed goals that I  can look back on to motivate me to go further and feel confident in myself. Good start so far!!

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