Monday, November 28, 2016

My Why

I'm still continuing to follow WW but I'm not losing much.  However, that could be due to the fact that we are still going through our renovation so I'm not eating as well as I could.  We also had Thanksgiving (from Sprouts) and a couple really nice dinners out.  Over the last two weeks I'm only down .2 but I guess it's better than being up.  I also didn't make it to PF last week at all but I'm rectifying that today!  I'm hoping to meet with the personal trainer today to get a good plan in place.  I'm sure he's going to ask me what my goals are and that got me thinking.  I've heard so many times you have to have your "why" before you can even think about setting goals.'s my why:

1.  Feel and look better in my clothes
2.  Keep up with my husband when we go hiking
3.  Ride my bike without it being so hard
4.  Have more energy
5.  Feel stronger
6.  Live a longer and more active life
7.  Not be limited by my physical abilities

In order to fulfill my "why" I need to lose weight and build up my endurance, stamina, and strength.  This means I need to follow a healthy eating lifestyle and exercise on a regular basis.  I've been getting my steps in but I haven't really been exerting a lot effort in doing that.  I need to push myself in order to improve.  I need to apply some dedication to reach these goals.  Also...having my kitchen back will make it easier as well - they are supposed to finish up either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I'm missing my morning green smoothie and I really want to add in more fish and vegetables.

Found this on Instagram the other day and this is the mindset I want!!!

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