Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Couple Weeks In

Well...I'm doing pretty well with WW all things considered.  It took me about a week to figure stuff out what with the kitchen being out of commission.  I actually gained about 3# that first week but I've taken that off along with 1.3# more.  I'm down to 214.3 now so I'm pretty happy about that.  I'm figuring out some low point meals and snacks so that's helping quite a bit.  I really need to be careful about the sodium and I need to drink my water!!!  I'm shocked that the WW app doesn't give you a place to track your water.  Ideally I'd like to drink at least 100 oz a day.  I'd like to get myself a container that holds that much and I can use that to refill the water bottle I keep on my desk.  I think seeing the water visually will keep me on track.

I also joined Planet Fitness last week and I've worked out a couple times now.  I really want to meet with their personal trainer so I can get a good plan to follow and learn how to use some of the equipment that is foreign to me.  I also need to figure out a workout schedule.  I'd love for my husband to come along with me but that's really not his thing.  I hate being away from him but I really think I need to do some weight training to firm everything up as I lose the weight.  I've also been enjoying the red light therapy and the hydromassage.  I'm glad I went ahead and got the higher level membership so I can use the spa area of the club.

Another thing I need to work out is setting up a reward for myself when I finally make it to One-derland!!  I'm thinking a nice piece of jewelry since that is something I will be able to enjoy even when I get down to goal.  I've also wanted a nice pair of boots so maybe that might be a good reward.  While I would love to have a nice leather blazer/jacket I really don't want to invest in a piece like that and then not be able to wear it for the long term.  I am really motivated to get this weight off and get to a healthy place so that is the sort of thing that is in my head.

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