Saturday, April 9, 2016


A card I made a while ago but it represents how I feel inside!!
It's a party with ferris wheels and balloons and everything in my head!  
I did it!!  I made my DietBet weigh in!  I'm now at 205.1 - holy cow!  It wasn't easy but it was worth it!  Yesterday evening my husband and I went on a walk (the last half felt like a death march) around a lake in our town.  I ended up with 16,016 steps for a total of 6.79 miles for the day.  Then when I got up this morning I weighed in and I was at 206.3.  My husband had mentioned yesterday that if I was close that we would go for another walk in the morning.  However, I developed some hot spots on the balls of my feet so I could not fathom another death march so I put on my regular running shoes and got on the treadmill.  I did 30 minutes of walking at 3.0 MPH and then weighed in again.  I was pleasantly surprised that just that little bit of exercise moved the scale that much.

I'm now sitting here happy as a clam and enjoying my first cup of coffee since Monday.  Boy does it taste good in all it's fat-free, sugar-free yumminess!  I'll tell you that if someone would have told me just a few years ago that I would celebrate a weight loss with this cup of coffee I would have told them to go get their head examined!  I would have celebrated with a DQ Blizzard not a boring cup of fat-free sugar-free coffee (and did I mention it's even decaf?!?) - I a much better party animal than that!

My next DB goal is getting to One-derland!  I'm super excited and so incredibly motivated!  Now...back to this amazing warm celebratory mug!  Hugs to all!!

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