Saturday, October 16, 2021

Week One on Profile

Well...week one is in the books!  We had our 2nd coaching session on Thursday so we did our official weigh-in on that morning.  I am down 6.4#!!  However, over the last two days I have gained 1.5# and I'm not sure why that happened.  I have been following our plan of four shakes, one bar, 3-5 oz of protein, 3 fats, and 4-12 veggies each day.  I haven't gone over my allotted flex foods either.  If I have another gain tomorrow, I am going to message my coach to see what she recommends.  

For the most part I've been doing ok with the plan.  The first few days were rough and I've really been missing my morning coffee.  I normally drink decaf so it wasn't a caffeine thing but I've come to realize it's the ritual and mouthfeel of the coffee sweetened with stevia and the richness of the cream mixed in that I am missing.  I also felt sort of icky while the gluten and other crap I ate the week before starting Profile was working it's way out of my body.  I felt sort of lightheaded and off mostly in the evenings.  I did find that a shot of pickle juice helped and the last four days or so have been void of those feelings.  I've also been feeling a little deprived but maybe if I would have felt that more often in the past I wouldn't be sitting here looking at needing to lose 80+ pounds!!

Oh...before I forget!  The body scan!!  Holy cow!!!  Seeing that scan was pretty eye-opening and truthfully a little bit disturbing.  I'm glad I had it done and I'm looking forward to being able to compare them as I go.  We will have another one at the six week mark.  That is also when they will do the DNA test.  

We met with Erin this week and she was really nice.  When we first got on the zoom call I was a little worried because she was way too cheery.  But...she calmed down and we had a good conversation.  We meet with her again next week so I'll be curious to see if she starts out the same way or if it was just the nervousness of meeting someone new.  

We will do the same plan this week and then starting in week three we will move to three shakes and two bars.  I'll be glad for that because I like the bars much more than the shakes.  I think it's because I can chew them and they seem to satisfy that urge I seem to have to eat things rather than drink them.  Speaking of is not on this diet!!  I am missing my glass of wine at night that I used to have several times a week but I just need to remember that it's not forever.  I might even splurge and have a few ounces on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Updates and New Directions

Wow!  I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted.  First - yoga - I was doing so well until we went to CO in April.  After that I never really got back into it but I have to admit I do miss parts of it and I'm feeling a pull to get back into it.  I found the January Yoga with Adrienne so inspiring and didn't feel that magic with the other plans she puts out.  I think maybe it will be a good idea to just go back and do January again - it's all on her YT channel so there's no reason I couldn't do it again.  I was also doing really well with riding the exercise bike in the morning until work got extremely overwhelming over the last couple months.  I needed that time in the morning to be able to concentrate on getting things done before everyone else got started and blew up my email and the meetings started.  I need to take that time back and hopefully there's a light at the end of that tunnel.  Another supervisor is starting in a couple weeks and I need to put my foot down that I cannot continue to do all this work covering for vacancies.  The other branches have brought in acting supervisors when they've had vacancies - we need to do the same.

But...the real reason I wanted (needed) to come write is because we are getting ready to start on something I've never done before.  We are joining Profile by Sanford.  I've never done a diet plan that included one-on-one coaching and meal plans that were customized to me.  I've done lots of diets but they were all ones that were geared toward the masses and you followed the plan based on your height and weight.  Profile appears to start like that but then you meet with your coach weekly and if you aren't getting the results, they change things up.  There are also a lot of technology based pieces as well.  While I expect we will do the majority of our coaching sessions through zoom, I would like to go into the center to have the full body scan done.  I like the idea of getting my measurements taken by a machine that will take them accurately.  I've always had a difficult time with making sure the measuring tape was in the same place each time I took my own measurements and I'm sure I wasn't always using the same tension so the results weren't very trustworthy.  They also have this DNA test they do that will look at how you process carbohydrates to customize your food levels to how your body naturally works.  There are also two apps and a private FB group.  

We met with one of the coaches last night, Alyx, and she was really nice.  She did some calculations and estimates that I would be able to get to my goal of 165 by July.  I really thought it would take longer.  I was surprised to see that over the last five years my weight has swung 55#!!  I'm ready to stop that swing and get to a healthy weight.  I want to be able to do things without getting worn out and hating every minute of it.  

I do have to admit the cost is weighing a bit heavily but I need to see it as an investment in me.  I retire exactly one year from today.  It would be so awesome to enter into retirement healthier than I've been in decades.  We are also expecting our first grandchild in April and I want to live to see them grow and possibly start a family of their own too.  Isn't the $1,224 for a year of coaching worth all of that?!?  Adding my husband on to the plan is an additional $699 so really if you do the math, it comes out to under $1,000 each.  We used to spend almost that much on Starbucks each year.  We will also need to purchase special shakes, bars, and other food items in the beginning stages but will eventually move to all grocery store food.  That cost is estimated at about $110 each per week.  But...that really isn't too much more than we have been spending so I don't see that cost as really that outrageous.  

I'm pretty excited that my husband is joining with me.  The stress of trying to figure out what he should be eating so he can meet his goals has been way too much for me.  I know it's not my fault but when he would not have a successful week eating exactly what I put in front of him, I would feel absolutely awful.  I don't like feeling that way.  I don't always like being the person who is in charge of our food and not feeling like I was successful at it made it an even worse chore than I already feel like it is.  Sometimes I just wish someone would take care of all this stuff and just call me when it was time to eat.  Eh...let's be truthful, there's no sometimes about it - I always wish this!!  LOL! aunt will be here visiting for a couple days next week so we plan to start the program after she leaves.  That will give us time to get our food and other supplies picked up from the center and I hope to be able to go over there to get the body scan done before we start.  I'd really like a strong starting point.  I really want this to work so I want to do it properly right out of the gate.  I am also taking leave the following week so that will give me a chance to get started on everything without the added stress of work.  We did a trial of this program last month so I know a little bit of what it entails so I know that being able to concentrate on the program for that first week will be a huge stress reliever! we go!!!

Friday, January 22, 2021


I just completed day 21 of the 30 day yoga challenge and it's going great!  I still hate downward facing dog and can't lift my legs or pretzel up like Adriene can but I'm getting so much stronger.  I actually surprised myself today when I was able to get up from a crouch using just my legs.  I cannot remember the last time I was able to do that!!  In some ways it seems silly and sad that something like that would excite me but I'm choosing to let that go and embrace how proud of myself I am.  I am praying that once this 30 day challenge is over I don't let laziness take over.  I want to continue to do a daily practice.  It's hard while I'm doing it but I feel so good after.  I'm noticing that even the shorter practices (15-20) minutes leave me feeling energized and strong.

We also got an exercise bike and some VR games that link up with it.  I've tried a few and they are fun and challenging.  I'm having a problem with the seat though.  The hubby ordered another seat to try from Amazon and it should be here on Sunday.  I've tried pushing through the pain but I just can't.  He's also had some saddle sores so maybe this new seat will fix both our problems.  He found some neat apps on the iPad that allow you to bike through different areas of the world.  Some of them even link up with the bike and you control the speed with your pedaling.  Technology is amazing!!

I'm feeling better every day although I still have quite a bit of hip and back pain especially in the morning.  I've started taking some Tylenol at night when I go to bed and that seems to help me get a better nights sleep.  My hips will tend to wake me up and the Tylenol is curbing that pain.  I don't really like taking it but if it gets me past this point to where I am strong and fit enough that the pain subsides on it's own, I'm willing to do that.

I'm also doing very well on eating within my macros and while this week wasn't as successful on the scale as I'd hoped, I'm still down 6# since January 1st and almost 12# since I started counting macros in November.  But more than that I just feel better and stronger.  I know that everything else will follow.  I just need to be consistent.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

YWA - Day 1

I have a love-hate relationship with yoga - I hate the actual doing of it but I love the flexibility and strength I gain.  For several years I've heard about the Yoga with Adriene 30 Day Journey that she does every January on her YouTube channel.  I decided that this year will be the year I will take part.  In the intro yesterday she said the hardest part will be showing up and that is so true!  It's 9pm and I just finished the first day's practice!!  I thought about it this morning and then forgot all about it until an hour ago - sheesh!!  But...A for the day for me because I got up and did it!

In the beginning it actually hurt my hips (especially my left one) to sit cross legged on my mat.  I have to admit that got me worried a little bit that I'd be able to make it through.  As usual I had trouble with my hands and wrists while trying to hold the poses like tabletop and downward dog - that part is nothing new at all and I'm hopeful that as I keep with it over this next 30 days things will get better.  I had to drop down to child's pose several times to rest but I'm pleased with what I was able to do tonight.  When we were sitting crossed legged at the end to take our final breaths I noticed that my hip didn't hurt quite as much - yay progress!!!

One thing I really liked about the practice today is that I was able to just do what I could do and not feel pressured because I felt like someone was watching me.  That was always an issue at the gym even though my logical brain knows that everyone else is busy paying attention to their own stuff and not my stuff.  That old self-conscious monster lurks ever present in my head regardless of my beating it with the logical stick.  LOL!  Overall I'm very happy with my practice today and look forward to what tomorrow brings.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Back on a DietBet!

Well, who do we have here?!?!  Long time no see!!!  Well...last month I hit within 5# of my highest ever weight and we just can't have that.  So...I am back in a DietBet and working hard.  I am still following a Keto way of life and love how it makes me feel.  I have been going overboard on the calories though so I am dialing that back.  I have moved to doing One Meal A Day (OMAD) and have been doing that for several weeks now.  I'm really liking it!  I have been spending my lunch break walking my neighborhood instead of sitting here wishing I could eat.  I am usually eating my dinner around 4-5pm and then not snacking at all.  I've been doing better about my water - I have my decaf coffee first thing in the morning and then before I allow myself a 2nd cup I have to drink my Tervis full of water.  Then after my 2nd cup it is usually time for my walk.  After my walk I drink another Tervis and then I can have an iced coffee.  With dinner I try to drink another Tervis but sometimes I treat myself with a Fresca.  I also just picked up some decaf cold brew tea bags so I plan to start incorporating that during my day as well.  I've lost 10.2# during the first month of the DB but most of that occurred during the first two weeks and it was a combination of reining in my eating, drinking water, and weighing-in in the morning rather than late afternoon like I did when I first signed up for the DB.  This next month will be a little trickier and I will have to be diligent with my day to day discipline.  I know I can do this!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Keto Catch Up

Wow...I can't believe it's been so long since I've written here!  The hubby and I have been doing Keto for several months since last summer and we are really finding it fits our lifestyle perfectly.  We stopped paying attention over the holidays and then took a cruise so we backtracked a little bit from where we were prior to Thanksgiving.  So we decided to start back up just before the beginning of the year.  Since then I have lost 5.2# and the hubby has lost 10#!!  And that is without tracking any macros and really not exercising very much.

Tonight I made chili and faux cornbread for dinner - it was all great!!  Here’s the chili - I also made her chili seasoning that’s linked in the recipe and it really wasn’t spicy at all even with the jalapeƱos:  

Here’s the cornbread recipe I used:  We were shocked at how good the cornbread was and thought the base might make a good starter for making other types of breads and coffee cakes.  I used Monk Fruit as my sweetener.  

I'm going to try to keep this blog a little more updated if for no other reason than have a place to direct friends and family when they ask for recipes.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Teriyaki Turkey Meatball Bowls Meal Prep

Today I spent some time meal prepping.  I made Teriyaki Turkey Meatball Bowls.  I had one for lunch and it was pretty good!

Ingredients per serving:

  • Kroger Reduced Fat Frozen Turkey Meatballs - 85g (6 meatballs per serving)
  • Green Giant Frozen Cauliflower Rice - 85g (the package says you get four one cup servings but I really only ended up with four 1/2 cup servings out of the package so I used my old food scale to weight the grams just to be sure - I bought this thing over 20 years ago at Weight Watchers and it still works like a champ!)
  • Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos Teriyaki Sauce - 1 tablespoon per serving (I actually found this at my local Kroger and I do NOT live in a large area so I was quite surprised to see it!)
  • Member's Mark Steamable Broccoli Florets - 85g
  • Kroger Canned Pineapple Chunks - 141g (drained)

I precooked everything in the microwave except the pineapple.  I like the Green Giant cauliflower rice that comes in a steamable bag so I cooked that on high for 6 minutes.  The broccoli I bought comes in a steamable bag as well so I cooked that on high for 8 minutes.  For the meatballs I put 24 meatballs in a glass bowl and poured 1/4 cup of the teriyaki sauce over it.  I cooked it on high for 3 minutes.  After it came out I tossed in the canned pineapple and stirred it around to coat the pineapple.

I'm using some two compartment reusable meal prep containers that I found on Amazon - they seem to be ok but I think I might invest in some better containers at some point.  I'm not sure I trust these not to leak in my lunchbag.  In the large section I put 85g of the cauliflower rice and then topped it with 6 meatballs and 141g (approx 5 ounces) of the pineapple - I divvied up the remaining sauce among the four containers.  In the smaller section I put 85g of the broccoli.  Feel free to add salt, pepper, or other seasonings that you like.  I found that the teriyaki sauce tasted really good so I only put a little bit of salt and pepper on the broccoli.  I'm guessing that it will be best to heat this up for about 3-5 minutes on 50% power.  If it turns out different, I will come back and edit this post.  The one I had for lunch today I popped in for a minute on high since most everything was still fairly warm from the initial cooking.

This was really easy and I was done before I knew it!  The most time was spent waiting for the microwave to finish cooking.  Four healthy lunches ready to go!!

Calories: 390
Fat: 9g
Carbs; 62.5g
Protein: 19g