Details, details, details

Where to start?!?  As Maria would say...let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.  I was born a poor black child...oh, wait, that's Steve Martin not me.  But...I was born so we have that in common.  The money part not so much.  But...I digress.  I've started this blog to capture my journey as it relates to living a healthy life so I guess that would be the beginning.

I've been heavy my whole adult life and I am bound and determined to whittle that heavy part down and get healthier.  I want to be able to retire in a few years and have several decades of active fun ahead of me.  That involves getting things under control and developing lifelong healthy habits.  This blog is a piece of that puzzle.  I plan to blog here about recipes I've found, my journey with South Beach, struggles along the way, and of course the successes I have.

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